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Re: Transistors, diodes and fuel pumps

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Subject: Re: Transistors, diodes and fuel pumps
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Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 00:17:07 -0400
A diode in series with the positive supply lead will protect an electronic 
device from reverse voltage. Perhaps this is how this particular device is 
designed. It is even possible to use four diodes (called a bridge) to make 
an electronic device polarity independent. I've seen a CB radio that was 
designed this way.

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Subject: Transistors, diodes and fuel pumps

>A question for you electronic types:  About 20 years ago, while siting at a
> bar in North Wildwood, NJ, a friend of mine did the transistor upgrade to
> the low pressure SU fuel pump from my TD.  It has worked flawlessly and
> burned points have been a thing of the past.  However, last weekend, I
> dropped in  an Optima battery a friend had given me, and like a dummy, I
> connected it with a negative ground instead of the appropriate positive
> ground.  Course, when I turned on the key, the fuel pump remained silent. 
> I
> banged on it, and did the usual stuff-- but the power was reversed through
> it for quite awhile before I came to my senses.
> Last night, I noticed my stupidity, turned the battery around, and the 
> fuel
> pump started right up!
> Why did  the polarity-sensitive electronics not "fry" when the got  juice 
> in
> the "wrong" direction?  Should I assume pump failure is near in my future
> and swap pumps now?
> Many thanks for the education.
> JohnD
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> Racing in the Past Lane!

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