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Re: Moss rear seal kit seals

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Subject: Re: Moss rear seal kit seals
From: "lawrie" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 15:47:42 -0800

A problem was discovered with the original seals - of the type you removed. 
Apparently, the rubber was incompatible with the high revolutions of the 
engine. The new seals are designed for high-speed running so the rubber will 
not deteriorate in use. Althought they look different and do not have the inner 
spring, I believe you can use them with complete confidence.


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>  Subject: Moss rear  seal kit seals
>  Sent: 18 Dec '06 11:53
>  Hi T Listers
>  Having finally got the car out of the garage after 7 years and had a few
>  trips round the block (all went very well) I now have the engine out
>  because the bl..dy Moss rear seal conversion was leaking very badly - I
>  have discussed this with some of you off list and received lots of good
>  advice. The engine guy has now fitted a speedy sleeve to the crankshaft
>  and machined a few thou off the rear of the flywheel to make sure it
>  does not push against the seal.
>  I bought a new seal from Moss and the one they have supplied is the same
>  diameter as the old one, but a different type of seal. The one that came
>  with the original kit (about three years ago) was softer and had an
>  annular spring to hold the sealing edge against the bearing surface -
>  the replacement is a much harder rubber with no spring. The engine guy
>  has shown it to some bearing specialists and they are unsure whether
>  this is a better or an inferior seal to the old one. Before fitting it
>  he has asked if I can get some info about this - is anyone familiar with
>  these two types of seal.  Such a PINA to get the engine in and out I
>  want to make sure it is right this time.
>  Thanks as always
>  Douglas in New Zealand

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