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Fw: How do I quiet emergency brake?

To: "Bricklin" <>
Subject: Fw: How do I quiet emergency brake?
From: "Greg Monfort" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 00:14:12 -0400
There's a spring to tension each cable / housing between the retaining
brackets and wheels, but as I previously noted, the bare cables rub, and I
assume vibrate, against the tunnel support on my car. I think it should be
notched out on each side to clear the cable.

I can't get to my E-brake to look, but this type of design normally has an
adjustment at the mechanism to remove slack.

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> My emergency brake cable starts flapping away when I am driving (I can
> it by lifting up on the brake handle a bit).  Is there any spring that is
> supposed to take up the slack?  I ask because when I first got the car I
> ended up with a fairly large and weirdly shaped spring that I didn't have
> clue where it went. Kim

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