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141. Re: Shop-talk archives? (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 07:40:48 -0800
I have one. It's a bolt-together deal, so it's a little wobbly from side to side. That hasn't seemed to make a difference for what I use it for (pressing bearings out of motorcycle cases and making a
/html/shop-talk/2001-11/msg00163.html (7,596 bytes)

142. Re: VIRUS warning (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 11:28:05 -0800
That won't help much, many of the worms root through the inbox for addresses to send themselves to. If you have not already done so, I would strongly recommend setting your MS Outlook to not automati
/html/shop-talk/2001-11/msg00175.html (8,386 bytes)

143. free email programs (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 14:42:11 -0800
A bunch of folks have asked me what free email programs (clients) are out there. I use mutt, but it's only for unix, not Windows. Eudora, Agent and pegasus are good. Netscape comes with an email clie
/html/shop-talk/2001-11/msg00180.html (6,870 bytes)

144. H78/15 tires (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 10:52:51 -0800
Hi y'all. What's the metric size equivalent of H78/15 tires? I scored a cheap old Toyota 4x4 truck last week and I need to get some mud tires for it. I also want to make a lumber rack for it, anyone
/html/shop-talk/2001-11/msg00197.html (6,743 bytes)

145. Re: "Extreme Garages" (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 10:20:24 -0700
One guy who did vintage racing had a reasonable set of tools and a lift. It was the guy in Chicago who's wife was getting into vintage racing. One other guy had a lift with some horrible Boyd Codding
/html/shop-talk/2001-10/msg00025.html (9,758 bytes)

146. Re: Wood stove for shop (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 09:41:40 -0700
Can't you get propane and a propane tank? Around here, the propane companies are all to happy to install a tank for you and make deliveries. Eric /// /// mailing list /// To
/html/shop-talk/2001-10/msg00126.html (8,509 bytes)

147. Re: Exhaust systems (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 11:32:10 -0700
I use plain old anti-seize. On motorcycle exausts, it's common to have a slip fitting that's held together with springs. You can have a slightly larger tube who's ID is close to the OD of the standar
/html/shop-talk/2001-10/msg00143.html (8,165 bytes)

148. Re: building a shop - radiant heat (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 12:38:38 -0700
Nowadays, they use plastic (probably polyethlyne) tubes. Old Eichlers in Palo Alto used galvanized pipes, with predictble results. Or they uses copper pipes, and failed to protect them from the concr
/html/shop-talk/2001-10/msg00193.html (9,052 bytes)

149. Re: Welding & WTC (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 08:42:13 -0700
I think they figured on a "normal" fire, not one resulting from a full cross-country load of fuel. There was a plane that crashed in to the Empire State building in '45 (a bomber of some sort) in the
/html/shop-talk/2001-09/msg00166.html (8,436 bytes)

150. Re: kohler engine work (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 16:14:14 -0700
Wouldnt bad valve guides also cuse oil consumption? If various seals go bad tht could also cause it. I'm mostly a two-stroke guy, so I could be wrong.. If it were me, I'd replace all the rings nd hon
/html/shop-talk/2001-08/msg00111.html (7,896 bytes)

151. Re: Jag Paint (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 14:03:24 -0700
[..] Those are the tears of previous owners. They'll never come off. Pitch and Tar remover, or exorcism. Eric /// /// mailing list /// To unsubscribe send a plain text messag
/html/shop-talk/2001-08/msg00154.html (6,974 bytes)

152. Re: lawn tractors (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 09:31:20 -0700
I bought a Deere "sabre" 15hp for lawn mowing. It's fairly inexpensive and works well for mowing the lawn. I got hydrostatic which I consider mandatory. I beleive that one of the chains back east (Lo
/html/shop-talk/2001-08/msg00172.html (9,872 bytes)

153. Re: Powdercoating question (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 12:56:37 -0700
I had a motorcycle gas tank powercoated once. Does that count? I found that the color (white) was hard to match, in fact I gave up on that (but then I'm not a paint expert). The finish was somewhat o
/html/shop-talk/2001-08/msg00221.html (7,673 bytes)

154. Re: Measuring Instruments (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 13:26:56 -0700
Speaking of measuring tools, can anyone tell me the correct procedure for using a dial cylinder gauge? I have one I got from Enco. The dial is marked 0-.25" and .0005" and the increments go from 0 to
/html/shop-talk/2001-07/msg00014.html (7,212 bytes)

155. Re: OT: Pergo flooring or alternatives? (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 16:10:55 -0700
How level does the concrete have to be for those spiffy black-and-white checkerboard garage/shop floors? What do you do on expansion joints? Tile over them? Eric /// /// mail
/html/shop-talk/2001-07/msg00028.html (7,585 bytes)

156. Re: TV Antenna Installation (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 15:39:39 -0700
These links might help: Eric /// /// mailing li
/html/shop-talk/2001-07/msg00040.html (7,979 bytes)

157. Re: new subject - old spa (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 16:40:10 -0700
Ours costs abou $20-25/month (California rates nd it's cold here in winter). When we had a cheapo ill-fitting cover it was more. The good cover dropped the cost about $20/month. The covr cost about $
/html/shop-talk/2001-07/msg00062.html (7,850 bytes)

158. Re: LA Trade Tech College enrolling for the fall (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 16:53:23 -0700
Damn, that's cool. Last spring I took an intro to machine tools class at DeAnza JC in Cupertino (silicon valley). It was a decent class, with an intro to lathe and mill work by way of a couple very e
/html/shop-talk/2001-07/msg00100.html (7,725 bytes)

159. more electric motor questions (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 10:00:36 -0700
Hi y'all. I need to make an apple crusher for producing cider. The crusher will need to be powered by at least a .5 HP motor. A little more hp would be better. A recent issue of the usual metalworkin
/html/shop-talk/2001-07/msg00109.html (8,168 bytes)

160. Re: Truck bed liners (score: 1)
Author: Eric Murray <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 10:06:54 -0700
Not yet. My current truck has a plastic liner. It's good and bad- it's a pain when loading motorcycles since they and the ramp slide all over. Your stuff slides too, so you have to tie it down better
/html/shop-talk/2001-07/msg00110.html (8,681 bytes)

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