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1. Re: [Shop-talk] Removing a dove tail gun sight.... (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 16:31:14 -0800
Have you tried a good penetrating oil, such as Kroil or P'Blaster? There are refrigerant sprays, designed for electronics troubleshooting, with pinpoint applicators. When all else fails, get a bigge
/html/shop-talk/2009-11/msg00117.html (7,602 bytes)

2. Re: [Shop-talk] GPS Systems (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 20:18:54 -0800
I have a Garmin Nuvi 370, essentially a 350 with a Bluetooth hand-free phone interface. I'm quite satisfied with it. Yes, it has told me to drive off a bridge and occasionally can't find an address i
/html/shop-talk/2009-12/msg00091.html (8,578 bytes)

3. Re: [Shop-talk] Car dealer tomfoolery and Costco Auto Buyer program (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 20:46:37 -0800
Perhaps there was a miscommunication between the dealer, the company that actually runs the program, and Costco. I can tell you everything worked smoothly when I bought a car through Costco last Aug
/html/shop-talk/2010-03/msg00016.html (7,410 bytes)

4. Re: [Shop-talk] Bird in shop (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 20:44:03 -0800
_______________________________________________ Donate: Suggested annual donation $12.96 Archive: Forums: http://
/html/shop-talk/2010-03/msg00071.html (7,622 bytes)

5. Re: [Shop-talk] Gophers (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 23:21:34 -0800
And that's good. Nitrate film is really nasty stuff. I found some in an abandoned theater and, having heard the stories, touched a match to a piece. It burned in a flash, like gunpowder. The stuff w
/html/shop-talk/2010-03/msg00134.html (7,284 bytes)

6. Re: [Shop-talk] Marine Clean substitute/replacement? (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 14:15:25 -0700
I just checked the POR15 paint job I did on my garage-queen BMW 2002 ten years ago. Still looks good and I didn't use Marine Clean. Don't recall what I used, probably Oil Eater from Costco. Bob K ___
/html/shop-talk/2010-04/msg00119.html (7,141 bytes)

7. Re: [Shop-talk] flat screen heat (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 20:47:09 -0700
Interesting. My IR thermometer says the screen on the LCD monitor before me is 82 - 86 deg F. Other, non-electric objects on my desk are 73 deg. Bob K Aberdeen, WA ___________________________________
/html/shop-talk/2010-06/msg00116.html (6,835 bytes)

8. Re: [Shop-talk] best oem hose clamp pliers? (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 17:03:41 -0800
You don't like shiny or you don't like screw clamps? I use Oetiker ear clamps on my fuel lines. If you don't like worm-drive screw clamps, check out
/html/shop-talk/2011-01/msg00236.html (7,620 bytes)

9. Re: [Shop-talk] Drafting Program (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 16:36:26 -0800
A freebie: 2d/index.shtml I haven't done a lot of work with it but it reads AutoCad DXF files. ___________________________
/html/shop-talk/2011-02/msg00045.html (6,699 bytes)

10. Re: [Shop-talk] Removing Vinyl (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 17:40:47 -0700
You want a vinyl eraser: _______________________________________________ Donate: Suggested
/html/shop-talk/2011-05/msg00055.html (7,257 bytes)

11. Re: [Shop-talk] quiet compressor (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 15:11:19 -0700
I was talking with my dentist - actually I was listening, you can't have a conversation with you mouth full of instruments - and he was grousing that his new "dental" air compressor was pretty much
/html/shop-talk/2011-06/msg00245.html (8,292 bytes)

12. Re: [Shop-talk] Gutting a cottage and suffering from shipwright's (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 17:44:58 -0700
Mouse turds ??? Hantavirus !!! Burn it !!! _______________________________________________ Donate: Suggested annual donation $12.96 Archive: h
/html/shop-talk/2011-08/msg00063.html (6,881 bytes)

13. Re: [Shop-talk] Tool APB: Rotating head pliers? (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 09:45:17 -0800
I have a SOG Paratool with adjustable angle pliers. Not its best feature. Bob K _______________________________________________ Donate: ht
/html/shop-talk/2011-12/msg00142.html (8,729 bytes)

14. Re: [Shop-talk] Painting inside a chassis (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2012 21:55:04 -0800
Marine-grade structural foam. It would exclude air and moisture and improve chassis rigidity. Looks like the cost is about $10/cubic foot. Bob K _______________________________________________ Shop-
/html/shop-talk/2012-01/msg00025.html (6,641 bytes)

15. Re: [Shop-talk] LED Headlight for electric motorcycle (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 11:42:09 -0800
If the bike has to inspected and licensed, you'll need something ision-HP-Headlight.aspx _________________________________
/html/shop-talk/2012-01/msg00057.html (7,963 bytes)

16. Re: [Shop-talk] LED Headlight for electric motorcycle (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 11:58:36 -0800
Oops, my bad. That was a halogen fixture with LED doodads. The Truck-Lite 27250C 7" headlight is DOT-approved but it's over $250, not including housing.
/html/shop-talk/2012-01/msg00058.html (8,010 bytes)

17. Re: [Shop-talk] Ideas for a junkyard shopping cart (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 07:17:02 -0700
Something like this: ? Or,36-500RS,def ault,cp.html if you don't nee
/html/shop-talk/2011-10/msg00103.html (9,902 bytes)

18. Re: [Shop-talk] out of the shop (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2012 10:31:10 -0800 s=q20121106; t=1354905076; bh=DLEhhtxVKmedl84Tvdors2+D0n+dD7zjpPb71DXQuY4=; h=Received:Received:Message-ID:From:To:Subject:Date:MIME-Version: Content-Type; b=E2EbCMm2Kt
As did mine. Family lore says he would irritate his teachers, when writing on the blackboard, by starting with his left hand and switching to his right in mid sentence. Bob Kegel ____________________
/html/shop-talk/2012-12/msg00040.html (9,964 bytes)

19. Re: [Shop-talk] Corrosion protection for tools (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2013 07:45:09 -0800 s=q20121106; t=1362239120; bh=EGpHdb4gzXbuioIlcvOXtP9Pyviejzo/ag8V1ILaBGE=; h=Received:Received:Message-ID:From:To:Subject:Date:MIME-Version: Content-Type; b=dX0hg8qx3w
I've sprayed Boeshield on my vise and some other tools. The film dries to a non-tacky finish with a slight gloss. I haven't used it on anything exposed to the weather, but so far, so good. Bob K Aber
/html/shop-talk/2013-03/msg00004.html (8,679 bytes)

20. Re: [Shop-talk] Dishwashers in the garage (score: 1)
Author: "Bob Kegel" <>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 19:50:02 -0700 s=q20121106; t=1369795807; bh=8FwAICfu4MvKeQ/f6yPBLFets38/YOXxSJKUtCL6iGI=; h=Received:Received:Message-ID:Reply-To:From:To:Subject:Date: MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=
Good move! I've used the kitchen dishwasher for car parts when the wife was out of town with good results. Aluminum and steel parts came out clean and there was no tell-tale residue in the machine. D
/html/shop-talk/2013-05/msg00104.html (9,633 bytes)

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