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1. Re: [Shop-talk] Thread Repair (score: 1)
Author: <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 15:33:13 -0400
First make sure the thread pitch is exactly the same on both transmissions. If so then look for thread problems with the new shaft. If you see them you could even touch up the threads with a small tr
/html/shop-talk/2010-05/msg00108.html (10,370 bytes)

2. Re: [Shop-talk] Inside/outside angle finder (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2010 15:33:51 -0500
I've seen this done on TV how-to shows. It seemed like the easy way out but apparently it works and even has some advantages. The other thing is to put the molding on and then caulk the gaps. Then wh
/html/shop-talk/2010-06/msg00019.html (9,372 bytes)

3. Re: [Shop-talk] Premium for Turbos (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2010 20:32:03 -0500
My current car is supposed to get better mileage with premium. I've checked my mileage for 10k miles. Most of this was with regular octane but I did put in high octane for about 7 tankfulls and I cou
/html/shop-talk/2010-06/msg00042.html (8,526 bytes)

4. Re: [Shop-talk] Shop heating options (score: 1)
Author: <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 11:07:41 -0400
Have you considered waste oil heaters? My father uses them in his garage. He has a full service garage so there is no shortage of used oil to feed the things. ________________________________________
/html/shop-talk/2010-06/msg00054.html (8,526 bytes)

5. Re: [Shop-talk] yet another Conversion calculator (score: 1)
Author: <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 18:33:50 +0000
I found a little program called "convert". It seems to convert almost any category of units. _______________________________________________ Shop-
/html/shop-talk/2010-06/msg00079.html (8,426 bytes)

6. Re: [Shop-talk] removing mylar coating from door (score: 1)
Author: <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 19:02:24 -0400
As long as you are grasping at straws... The door regulator in my wife's car failed a few years ago and I use duct tape to hold the window up for a few days. The adhesive stuck to the glass and I cou
/html/shop-talk/2010-06/msg00165.html (8,536 bytes)

7. Re: [Shop-talk] Shop heating options (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 17:31:42 -0500
The company that my wife works for collects and processes used cooking oil from restaurnants. This stuff must be hauled away, can't just be dumpd in the trash. But it does have value, and is used in
/html/shop-talk/2010-06/msg00189.html (8,828 bytes)

8. Re: [Shop-talk] Architect Costs (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 21:45:51 -0500
The quoted hours seem high for the size of the project. Ask the contractor how much drawing he needs and provide that much if possible. But note that costs are negotiable. The architecture industry h
/html/shop-talk/2010-06/msg00192.html (8,006 bytes)

9. Re: [Shop-talk] Lawn mower engine & blade question (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 20:49:35 -0500
Many years ago I had an old basic mower. My neighbors moved out so I decided to mow their tall grass one day. Not being familiar with their yard, and the grass being pretty tall, I hit a stump. I cra
/html/shop-talk/2010-07/msg00084.html (8,375 bytes)

10. Re: [Shop-talk] Electrical question (score: 1)
Author: <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 17:43:52 -0400
What are the characteristics of the 24V battery? Under load what voltage does it maintain? Some batteries will maintain their voltage under load and some will not. For instance common AA batteries- a
/html/shop-talk/2010-07/msg00122.html (9,426 bytes)

11. Re: [Shop-talk] Patching holes in a concrete block foundation? (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 21:53:37 -0500
If you really want to seal it, then fill the vertical cells in the blocks with grout up to and above the point where the pipes/conduits go through. You might want to wrap the pipes with something so
/html/shop-talk/2010-07/msg00135.html (10,749 bytes)

12. Re: [Shop-talk] shop sewer/septic tank prob (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 19:42:34 -0500
The small house I lived in 25 years ago had this problem. It had clay pipe leading from the house to the city sewer. There were several spots where roots could get into the pipes, and one spot where
/html/shop-talk/2010-07/msg00152.html (9,255 bytes)

13. Re: [Shop-talk] Miter saw or compound miter saw (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 09:33:33 -0500
I occasionally buy stuff from HF if it looks good in the store. Some of their products look good, some don't. I mostly buy little stuff from them but I have a drill press that is working OK for my li
/html/shop-talk/2010-08/msg00006.html (8,296 bytes)

14. Re: [Shop-talk] Miter saw or compound miter saw (score: 1)
Author: <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 16:49:55 -0400
A non-sliding saw is limited by the diameter of the blade and the angle of the cut. If you are cutting perpendicular to a board, you could cut a certain width of 1" board, or you could cut a certain
/html/shop-talk/2010-08/msg00029.html (10,142 bytes)

15. Re: [Shop-talk] Construction opinion poll (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 23:28:02 -0500
This seems to be a matter of opinion more than a matter of right vs. wrong. Personally I would probably go with the build it square/parallel and cover the gaps with molding, but mostly it would be a
/html/shop-talk/2010-08/msg00055.html (8,619 bytes)

16. Re: [Shop-talk] Kia brake system issues ... (score: 1)
Author: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 17:06:43 +0000
Friends don't let friends drive Kia's. I can't imagine the kind of person that would admit to driving one, even if it belonged to someone else and it wasn't an emergency. Did you check the fluid leve
/html/shop-talk/2010-08/msg00118.html (10,529 bytes)

17. Re: [Shop-talk] Craftsman toolboxes? (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 19:37:09 -0500
There was an advertisement in our newspaper this morning for a Labor Day sale at Sears outlet. The interesting things in there were an angle grinder for $29.99 (50% off), and 40% off all garage and t
/html/shop-talk/2010-09/msg00000.html (6,381 bytes)

18. Re: [Shop-talk] Heat pump night setback (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 21:05:07 -0500
It might be BS, but you could do your own experiment. Set it one way one night and record your electric meter readings before and after, then the next day set it a different way and try it again. Jus
/html/shop-talk/2010-09/msg00028.html (8,300 bytes)

19. Re: [Shop-talk] Wiring a string of LED lights (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2010 14:17:43 -0500
I go for quick and easy. I would buy a cheap extension cord, maybe $0.79 if you look around, then wire your switch into that cord and plug the lights into it. ________________________________________
/html/shop-talk/2010-10/msg00006.html (8,014 bytes)

20. Re: [Shop-talk] Wiring a string of LED lights (score: 1)
Author: BJNoSHOV8 <>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2010 20:38:53 -0500
Some of them do have resistors, it all depends on the LED that they are using and the battery configuration. The Luxeon and Cree LED's have forward voltages of around 4-4.5V and up. The cheapest of t
/html/shop-talk/2010-10/msg00009.html (9,219 bytes)

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