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Subject: [Shop-talk] Air compressor issue
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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2023 09:38:28 -0700
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Having a problem with my 5hp Champion Advantage compressor.  I called 
TPTools where I purchased it in 2001 and they were useless, they want to 
send out a service rep to fix it ($$$).

The issue its having is first 2 or 3 cycles of the day when its cold, it 
cycles normally, comes on at around 120-125PSI and shuts off at 175PSI, 
after those 2 or 3 cycles it only comes back on at around 15PSI or even 
lower and it does this all day until next day.  I only work in the 
garage on weekends but I am in the bead blasting stage of my restoration 
so using the compressor heavily those 2 days a week.

  They said turn it off and drain all the air, then cycle it back on and 
listen for the "Hiss" (their word) when the compressor shuts off and 
listen for the hiss and keep doing that until the compressor does not 
cycle anymore, did I hear the hiss or not, did the motor hum when trying 
to restart ?   If that is the case the unloader valve is bad.  I do 
normally hear the hiss, I don't pay attention EVERY time though and the 
motor does not hum.

  Isn't it just a pressure valve ? this thing is over 20 years old and 
first time giving me issues.  But they want to send out a tech to 
diagnose and fix the issue meaning having to take a day off work and 
spend $$$ when it should be simple. I do agree with the guy that I don't 
want to throw money at the problem and swap random parts but I don't 
need a tech, just how to diag which part is the issue.   I am going to 
be blasting a lot over the weekend.


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