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Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2023 11:23:02 -0700
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   Getting to the details on my car restoration and doing lots of 
painting of parts. The shop always stinks of paint lately and I had a 
minor health issue where I just didn't feel "right" for a few days after 
painting some parts. YES I wear a mask, I am gloved but I only wear the 
mask while spraying and I wonder if the fumes got to me after the 
spraying but while the paint was still flashing and I was in the shop, 
this happened to me 2 weekends in a row, guess I am getting old, never 
bothered me before.  I do need better gloves too, my Nitrile disposable 
gloves fall apart in when cleaning parts in the parts cleaner and 
lacquer thinner or acetone when painting and then my bare hands are in 
the mess, again it never bothered me decades ago, so I need to hunt down 
some better gloves.  My shop is covered in overspray also which I am 
very tired of.

  In the past with small parts, I just painted in the shop and for the 
big projects, I would set up plastic over a PVC frame and spray inside 
that with a explosion proof exhaust fan, but that is a big pain in the 
derriere to set up and take down, so I have been looking at inflatable 
spray booths.  My wife thinks they would work great for me, they are 
still a pain to put up and take down but far less than the mickey mouse 
setup I have used in the past.   Then my wife (love her) suggested 
building a shed in a corner of the yard.  I can build 100sq.ft. with no 
permit, so 10x10 or 8x12. My car is small, I can fit the main body tub 
in that size and walk around to spray no issues, not enough room for 
main body tub and fenders, etc. but that is fine with me.  I would be 
painting lots of small parts and front/rear fenders, doors, gas tank all 
separate from body anyway.  We are willing to spend the $2k +/- $500 as 
a estimate because once the car is done, we could re-purpose the shed to 
storage and yard tools, etc. I would build it with intake filters and 
make a exhaust port for exhaust fan to filter.  Since I paint with a 
HVLP Turbine system all I need is electricity and good lighting, I have 
lights I can put in so no cost there and just a heavy extension cord 
when I want to paint. The advantage would be a clean space dedicated to 
paint, leaving the parts in there to flash with no fumes in my shop.  
The disadvantage would be the distance from the shop (about 30ft away) 
in the back corner of the yard and that is almost not worth mentioning, 
except when it rains.  The bigger negative is temperature control, in 
summer it might get too hot to paint, in winter too cold but I can live 
around that I think.

  So, what does the shop-talk gallery think ? any other suggestions ?

  Then, if I build this, what is the best way ? Anchor it to the ground 
with concrete posts ? place it on 4x4 skids ? we don't want to pour a 
slab for it (need permit if attached to slab) and I am thinking 2x6 
floor joists sitting on 3 or 4  4x4 skids (all pressure treated of 
course), although we have no plans to move it later when we re-purpose 
it.  For some idiot reason, if I attach it to a slab we need a permit, 
if we put posts in concrete at each corner and attach it to that, we 
don't need a permit.   But just putting it on skids seems far quicker to 
build.  We are in So. Calif. so no snow/freezing heaving issues.  Looked 
at a 10x10 shed kit at Lowes for about $200 less than the material cost 
alone, that one would be pre-cut and quicker to build but since I want 
to put filters in back wall and exhaust port in front, I think I am 
better of building it from scratch.    My issue with building on skids 
is critters getting under it but I can stop that with wire mesh.  The 
goal would be to get this done as quickly as possible, I will likely 
take a few days off from work and a weekend.   The Lowes one is based on 
24" on center studs which I think is fine for a shed.  The Lowes one is 
just plywood floor sitting on a ledge about 1" from the ground, so it 
will sag in the middle and touch the ground.   I will be doing 16" on 
center 2x6 for the floor joists and I think 24" on center for the studs.

  The inflatables would be half that costs, they seem to work well, they 
are noisy and the power must run constantly until the parts are removed 
after drying, setup seems very easy and quick. Taking them down is more 


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