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[Shop-talk] Snakes in a Drain

Subject: [Shop-talk] Snakes in a Drain
From: Mark Miller via Shop-talk <>
Date: Sun, 17 May 2020 00:54:26 -0700
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Sounds like time for a bigger snake.  How about the combo of: 
power snake

plus a bigger tip for it:

About $200 for the set.

And if that doesn't work there are places to get an array of tips


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On 5/16/2020 2:05 PM, wrote:
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>     1. The road goes on forever, the plumbing never ends
>        (Mark J Bradakis)
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> Date: Sat, 16 May 2020 14:57:03 -0600
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> Subject: [Shop-talk] The road goes on forever, the plumbing never ends
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> I may not be that handsome, but I'm fairly handy around the house.?
> Kitchen sink drain clogged up again.? It has been a continual problem.?
> Basically it involves about 15 feet of drain pipe that has about a
> quarter inch drop over the run.? Well, maybe more than that, but not
> much more.? I made it a lot easier many years ago by putting in a T
> fitting in a spot easy to get to, so I no longer need to snake the
> entire length by taking apart the pipes at the sink.
> The drain pipe is 2" internal diameter.? The corkscrew on the end of the
> snake might be 3/8" in diameter. It bores a pretty small hole in the
> gunk clogging the pipe, so it doesn't take long to clog again.? I don't
> think there are any small, handhelp drain snakes with really big tips on
> them, capable of cleaning the entire inside diameter of the pipe.? I
> have seen these at the hardware stores made for bigger, heavier
> machines.? Not something I want to hold head high while working on the
> drain.
> I was thinking maybe I could fab up a steel rod.? One end would have a
> hole the size of the snake coil, the other end a slot with a grub screw
> to fit the Brass Craft ends.? Seems simple.? I wonder it the snake coil
> is weldable, or at least brazable?? I'd hate to have it fail by breaking
> off as soon as any force is applied, i. e. the cutter hits the clog.?
> Having a chunk of steel lodged a few feet into the pipe would make
> subsequent snaking problematic. Would my plan work?
> Such fun having to clean drains right after the falling tree mess and
> the muffler blowing out on my Blazer.? Does May, or for that matter 2020
> have a reset - do over button?
> mjb.
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