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[Shop-talk] High heat burner

Subject: [Shop-talk] High heat burner
From: Mark Miller via Shop-talk <>
Date: Sat, 9 May 2020 16:41:53 -0700
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Looked at the source as Pat listed below and: they have a 210K BTU 
outdoor burner, just in case 55K is too wussy for you.  that is some 
serious energy.  And still well under a hundred bucks.

PS: if anyone knows what I am doing wrong that causes all these stupid  
question marks to show up in posts I'd love to know. Thx!


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> I have been doing deep fried turkeys and large fish frying for 25 years and
> the basic turkey fryer and a couple tanks of propane is the solution.
> Propane is hotter than natural gas, and one tank will last a very long
> time, it is portable, etc. I have outdoor natural gas and still choose to
> use propane for fish frying and turkey frying.
> I have a 25 year-old Master Built that is 100% original, and would highly
> recommend them.
> But something like this is all you would need for large scale fish frying:
Suggested annual donation  $12.96


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