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[Shop-talk] Fog and Driving Lights

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Fog and Driving Lights
From: Jim Stone via Shop-talk <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 16:28:43 -0400
I have long wanted to install 1 fog and 1 driving light on my Alpine, and have 
them wired so that I can light either one or both of them.  There was a period 
4-position rotary switch for doing this (off - on1 - on2 - on1&2) and I have 
one, but it is ugly as sin and Iâ??d like to come up with a more attractive 
solution.  Ideally, I would like to convert an unnecessary toggle switch space 
on the dash to a fog/driving light switch.  My hope is to put in a DPDT 
momentary switch (something like this one, but hopefully I can find something 
more attractive: and 
a pair of latching relays.  The tricky part is that Iâ??d need the relays to 
latch on with the first pulse and turn off with the second.  So, up once to 
turn on the fog light, down once to turn on the driving light.  Up or down a 
second time to turn off either light.  Hopefully, that makes sense.

Does anyone know if such a relay exists?  If not, is there a simple circuit 
that would make a standard relay work as described?

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