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Subject: [Shop-talk] step drilling holes
One trick I learned was to start with a spotting center drill. Something like 

Once that small center hole is in the metal, normal drill bits work much better.

Also, there are hole saws for metal that are great to use for 1" + hole sizes 
to prevent having to drill the same hole 3 times with increasing sizes.

John asks...

had to drill some one inch holes (several) in 1/2â?? plate.  Using a 
drill press so that helps... I wouldnâ??t try a 1â?? hole with a hand drill ! 
really think a hole saw was the right way so I just stepped up starting with a 
3/8â?? bit then up to 3/4. then up to 1â??... Worked fine.. lots of oil, took 
time... but while I was bored (pardon the pun) I was thinking about the best 
steps to use...   when drilling large diameter in thick steel is there 
an accepted increment you should use ??  1/4â?? increments ??  1/8â?? 
??      job is done but I was never taught this I just 
kinda used what I thought would work.   Suggestions ??

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