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Re: [Shop-talk] Cooling down an air conditioner

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Cooling down an air conditioner
From: MattMahony <>
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2016 17:55:31 -0700
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The sprayer will work but if you have any mineral content in your water 
supply the minerals will build up on the coil surface and cut down on 
the heat transfer ability of the coils. Before you do that, try cleaning 
the condenser coil. Most of the window units draw in outside air from 
behind the condenser coil through louvers in the sides of the wrapper, 
then push the air out the coil. You can't see the dirt on the inside.  
Most also divert the evaporator condensate water to a slinger on the fan 
blade so the condensate is evaporated on the coil and discharged in the 
hot air stream. Provides a minimal efficiency increase.

The outside air drawn in contains dust, pollen, leaves and who knows 
what. Do you have cottonwood trees in the neighborhood? They're the 
worst.  After a few seasons that debris combines with the condensate 
water to make a muddy paste that builds up in the fins and really cuts 
down on the heat transfer. Use 409, Simple Green, or any mild detergent 
in a sprayer, and then back flush with a garden hose, no spray nozzle. 
You don't need high pressure and if you bend the fins over with  a high 
pressure spray you'll have a fun job straightening them out.  First time 
I did this, I was amazed at how much junk was in there.


On 8/8/2016 4:07 PM, Robert nogueira wrote:
> I've got a window mounted A/C in my garage. It generally does a pretty good 
> job of cooling it down but now that the daily high is over 100 (f) it is 
> having a problem and is tripping the breaker after running a hour or so in 
> mid afternoon ( unit gets full sun).
> Question: would installing a fine water mist sprayer behind the evaporator 
> coil easy the load on the compressor thus allowing it to continue to cool?
> For the few weeks I have this problem it is not worth the cost of wiring and 
> installing a larger unit.
> Thanks for any thoughts
> Bob Nogueira
> Bob Nogueira
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