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Re: [Shop-talk] turning the end of a bolt.

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] turning the end of a bolt.
From: greg <>
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2016 20:00:26 -0500
I have had good results by nearly sawing through a matching nut (like a collet) 
and holding the bolt and nut in a three jaw chuck. The nut will protect the 
threads while you tighten the chuck. Accuracy will depend on the chuck.



On Aug 8, 2016 3:25 PM, Mike Rambour <> wrote:
>   I have a 1/2" bolt that I need to do 2 things to the end of the bolt.  
> I need to drill a .125 hole in the middle for about a half-inch and turn 
> the end down to .39, the bolt itself is 2.5 long and 1/2" diameter. 
>   I tried chucking it up in my 3 jaw chuck and I can't get tightened 
> down without wobbling all over and the hole I need to drill would not 
> end up in the middle of the bolt, also the turned down part would never 
> be right.  I have tried quite a few different things to get tightened 
> down without wobbling all without success.  The lathe (shoptask 
> bridgemill) came with a 4 jaw chuck that i never installed, would that 
> help ?  I am at the point where I am thinking of cutting off the bolt 
> head, doing the machining and then welding the bolt head back on. 
>   This is non-critical part, so not worried about strength, just needs 
> to be finger tight when installed but that .39 x .450 long machined end  
> with the hold is critical to fit. 
>   I am NOT a machinist by any stretch of the imagination, I bought this 
> shoptask 5 years ago and only used it once so far, I had a old sherline 
> mini lathe that was way under powered for what I did with it and I used 
> a lot so I decided with a bigger lathe I would get to do more things...I 
> was wrong.  I don't know what I am doing and sometimes too scared to try 
> and mess up my parts. 
>   But I am getting to the point in my current project where I can see 
> use for this thing.  I have a plate that I need to mill down and instead 
> of taking it to a shop to have it done, I am going to try it on my own, 
> its just a carburetor spacer, nothing critical measurement wise.  If I 
> mess it up, its only a $20 part that I can buy, so I will try it out. 
>   Once I get past this bolt thing... 
>      mike 
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