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[Shop-talk] Buying a new compressor of just the 'compressor'?

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Buying a new compressor of just the 'compressor'?
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First, Happy T'day to all the US folk here.  For your not in the US, have 
a great day as well.

On to the question...

I have a compressor that I have been using for about 20 years now (wow, 
has it really been that long?)

Recently, the compressor is leaking some oil.  So I know a replacement is 
coming up.  My question, is it better to replace the whole unit, or just 
the compressor pump?

I was leaning to the whole unit just to avoid any issues with rusted 
tanks, etc.  Also, I could sell the old one to someone who really needs 
one and is willing to take the time to fix it for a low price.

So, if you were buying a new compressor, what one would you go for under 
$2000?  (240v of course.)


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