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Re: [Shop-talk] Floor scraper...but it's not that easy

To: Pat Horne <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Floor scraper...but it's not that easy
From: Scott Hall <>
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 16:17:22 -0600
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I'll measure it to be sure, but this stuff is about 12 inches square, and
it looks like the mid-'80s stuff my mom had in her kitchen. The stuff on
top looks like 1990s era stuff. Also about a foot square.

On Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 3:29 PM, Pat Horne <> wrote:

> As was mentioned, beware of asbestos tile. The easiest way to identify it
> is
> that asbestos tile us usually 8" or 9" size, where vinyl is usually 12"
> tile.
> Peace,
> Pat
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> Subject: [Shop-talk] Floor scraper...but it's not that easy
> So, the garage had part of the floor covered with vinyl tile.
> No sweat. Bought a floor scraper from Harbor Freight. Nice tool. Very
> sharp,
> thick blade on the end of a pole. Good for smooth concrete subfloors.
> Now I'm moving to the bathroom, which isn't over a slab--it's hung off the
> side of the building over a crawlspace. Which means a wood subfloor.
> The scraper is too sharp. The vinyl tile is at least two layers deep (they
> just tiled over the old tile) and it flexes. So running the scraper over
> it,
> it either bites into the tile and binds up (it can't bear against the rigid
> concrete subfloor), or it bites into the wood floor itself.
> I need...a dull(er) scraper. Maybe. Something I can lever under the tile
> that won't bite into the wood or tile. Or do I just need something else?
> can I remove vinyl tile from a wood subfloor? The tile is so old
> that it's disintegrating and I can't pull it up a tile at a time. But it's
> also too crumble-y to try to get a piece at a time--it's take months just
> to
> do the 10-by-6 area.
> Looking for advice--the garage mahal has a bathroom, and it's going to be
> awesome. As soon as I get this vinyl tile up.
> Scott
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