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Re: [Shop-talk] Problems with the donation link

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Problems with the donation link
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2015 09:35:12 -0800
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> Just a note, I tried to donate to via the link at the bottom 
> of each post 
> and you get a 'Out dated link' error from paypal.

I just tried it, and the link works for me.  The link at the bottom of each post
leads to a web page on the Team.Net server, that has instructions on both how 
to snail mail a paper check (how archaic! <g>) and a
link to PayPal.  

The link from the web page leads to a PayPal page where you'll have to either 
log into your PayPal account, or give them your mobile
phone number (along with other personal information) to create a account (which 
can be temporary).  That is a PayPal restriction,
you must be able to receive text messages (ie have a mobile phone) in order to 
automatically create an account.  (There may be an
alternate route that doesn't require text messages, but I don't know of any.)

The search box says "email or mobile number", so if you want to use that 
instead of the link, enter "" (without
the quotes) as the email address.  (You can also just enter a fake phone 
number, so the search will fail and ask you to enter a name
and address.  But be certain it's actually a number that does not belong to 
anyone, like 310-555-1212, otherwise you may wind up
paying the wrong person.)

-- Randall  

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