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[Shop-talk] Water heater leak

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Water heater leak
From: David Cole <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2015 19:47:05 -0600
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Hello all,

I've got an issue with my water heater.  50 gal electric.  Installed 2011 with
a 6 yr warranty.  I just bought the house 4 months ago.

It's in the basement bathroom.  I had noticed the floor wet around the unit
and thought I had a foundation leak issue.  Was happy when I just happened to
be in there when it puked a little water out the temp/pressure relief valve.
I removed it and there was a little corrosion in the valve and some white
substance similar to toothpaste ( lime?)

Replaced the valve under warranty.  Thank you US Waterheater!

I also turned the temp down from 130ish to the std 125 deg.  Wanted to make
sure there was not too much expansion.   Put a small bucket under the pipe
attached to the TPR valve.  The floor has dried up nicely even after heavy
rains so the foundation is good.

However, I'm still getting a little discharge from the TPR valve into the
bucket.  About a quart every 2-3 days.  We do use a lot of hot water with the
wife and 2 college age girls.  Have not checked the pressure but it doesn't
seem above normal.  Just good solid pressure.  The TPR valve is rated at 150
psi and/or 200 deg.

Ideas for a solution?

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