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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Soldering a radiator
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Depending on how close you will be soldering to a seam, you may be able to
use some heat absorbing putty to keep the heat from unsoldering the seam.
Mist necks that I've seen installed have a flange formed from the tank to
give some physical support for the neck, rather than just cutting a hold and
soldering to the cut edge of the tank.


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I have a brass radiator on which I need to relocate the input outlet.  I'm
hoping to do it without disturbing the tank to core seam.
I'm looking for suggestions as to how to go about this task.
My plan is to place a damp cloth over the tank to core soldered seam and to
use a high heat       (oxygen and Mapp gas) torch so the new inlet and it's
seam to the tank heat up quickly before the heat can travel to the seams
that I want to remain untouched. The new inlet will be located about an inch
from the tank to core seam.
I'll also be using a infrared thermometer to monitor the tank to core seam.
Anyone have other  suggestions as to how go about this or problems with my

Note the current input is soldered to the tank from the outside only  and
the radiator will be used with a 4 or 7 lbs cap at most.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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