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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] [Bulk] Re: Cleaning up machined surface for oil seal
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2014 07:51:53 -0500
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While I'm a big fan of Hylomar and use it on so many things, it's not going
to keep the SpeediSleeve from turning on the axle.  If anything, it'll keep
it from freezing in any one place.  Randall's Loctite product (which you can
buy at the FLAPS in small quantities, even a one-use plastic packet, as
"Loctite Stud and Bearing Mount") will hold it in place solidly and
strongly.  Once positioned and set it's there, and will take heat to remove
in the future.  If you want future removability or repositionability on
assembly, I'd try Permatex Aviation Sealant, the stuff in the brush-top can.
It's resistant to most automotive chemicals, gas, and oil (works well on
gasoline fittings), but cleans up instantly with lacquer thinner.  It sets
up and will hold the sleeve in place, but stays semi-flexible and will
permit any realignment necessary on assembly.

PJ wrote:
>Randall, you mentioned Loctite "circular parts mount".  I don't see a 
>loctite product that seems to match.  Recall the product name?
>SKF recommends a "light layer of a non-hardening sealant".  Are they 
>talking about JB Weld or other?

When I did my crank, I used Hylomar 'cause that's what I had in my box.  I'd
think any RTV that's good for 300F or so would work.  I don't think the
trans parts get much hotter than that.  Just make you use a very thin coat
so it doesn't get onto the seal surface.  If any does, you'll want to clean
it off ASAP.

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