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Re: [Shop-talk] stupid cell phone question

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] stupid cell phone question
From: Peter Murray <>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 11:26:49 -0400
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Your SIM card carries your account information, and (if you store your
numbers there, and not in the phone itself) your contacts, albeit in the
limited way that a SIM can (only 250 contacts, name and number only).

Warning: Your existing Tracfone SIM may not work in a non-Tracfone unit.
See here:

You may find that you want to change to a different pre-paid carrier in
order to enable the ability to swap SIMs when you cross the border,
otherwise, you may have to carry two phones.

Any "unlocked" GSM/GPRS/EDGE compatible phone (similar to what you linked
to earlier), should be compatible with any Rodgers Wireless pre-paid
offering in Canada as well as with AT&T/T-Mobile offerings. You will
increase the areas where it works if you get a phone that also has 3G
(HSPA) capability like the Samsung Rugby 2 that I got for my FIL:

If he has not broken it in the 2.5 years he has had it, it *must* be tough.

I would just stop by a Rodgers retail location when you're next up there
and pick up a SIM. Here is a link to their talk-only plans, though they
have several different ones, in case texting is important:,Tabset1--3,,,,

You should be able to test it out with your current phone or with your new

One other note - you could also look at Republic Wireless, which offers
flat-rate US-based $20/mo or $30/mo unlimited talk/text/data plans that
permit roaming (at no additional cost) in Canada. US coverage is very good,
with Sprint as the primary and Verizon where Sprint isn't - and wifi any
time it can get it. I have been happy with the service, and with the use of
wifi for voice/text/data whenever it can, places that have only wifi
internet and no cell coverage (like my house), the phone works just fine!

NFI, just a happy customer. Happy to answer any questions, too.


On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 3:20 PM, Dave C <> wrote:

> I have relatively modest cell phone needs.  I use a cheap (free) Tracfone
> and buy more minutes once a year.  It works for what I need but doesn't
> work in Canada, at least, not reliably.  Since I live in WA I go to Canada
> occasionally, usually on my motorcycle, and cell phone coverage is kind of
> a nice thing to have.
> Could I buy a cheap, unlocked GSM phone on Amazon, like this one, for
> example,
>> Bluetooth/dp/B00AA6WTOO/ref=**sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1377457163&**
>> sr=8-8&keywords=unlocked+gsm+**phone<>
> put the SIM card from my Tracfone in it, and then buy a prepaid SIM card
> in Canada?  If yes, do the phone number and  minutes I have accumulated on
> my US Tracfone reside on the sim card, and will the phone number and
> minutes just transfer on to the new phone?
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