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[Shop-talk] Pipe Threading

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Pipe Threading
From: Wayne <>
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 23:34:36 -0400
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Hey Guys,
Question about pipe threading. My garage / shop is partially below grade 
on the bottom level of my house. It has an original propane water heater 
that has been replaced with an electric unit in a different place (long 

I want to remove it to free up space in the corner of the garage where 
it's sitting. I can cap off the water supply lines no prob. Problem is 
-- there is a black iron threaded gas supply line that drops down from 
the sheetrock ceiling to 2' above the floor. Not sure how to cap-off or 
remove it.

Whatever fitting it threads into is inaccessible in the ceiling. I don't 
want 7 feet of pipe hanging down. Is it feasible to saw off the pipe, 
somehow thread it, and put a cap on? Ideally, I'd just put a pipe wrench 
on the fitting, and replace it with a pipe nipple & cap.

-Thanks, Wayne

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