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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Tire Pressure gauges
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Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 08:53:18 -0500
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I think with a little fab or cobble work you could come up with a homemade 
gauge that would be accurate...  surely one of the major tire gauge 
people... Milton ..etc makes a filler that has a threaded end that could be 
threaded into a 3/8 brass tee... a high quality accurate gauge in one tee 
port and the quick couple adapter into the other... probably wouldn't be 
pocket friendly but it could be extremely accurate... find a good liquid 
filled guage with the proper range... to comply with your anal accuracy 
standard ...check the gauge on known pressure points before assembling..

I'm fairly sure there are ample brass adapters and fittings that you could 
use to cobble this thing up..  I've often wondered the same thing... and 
basically use mine to assure that all 4 tires have the same pressure... my 
accuracy standard isn't quite as high as yours :-)

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> OK, here is my most 'anal' post to date...
> I've been trying to figure out how to get an *ACCURATE* tire pressure
> gauge.  But I have no idea how to check or calibrate them.
> Here is the story, I have to work on tanks that need to be within about a
> PSI or two (range is from about 15PSI to about 50PSI).  Many gauges give
> different readings.
> So, without spending a fortune (but I am willing to spend a fair amount),
> where can I get a good one?  One attached to an air fill nozzle would be
> ideal.
> Thanks.
> Eric P
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