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Re: [Shop-talk] Cutting up fiberglass

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Cutting up fiberglass
From: Neil Sherry <>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2013 19:34:30 +0100
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My Thoughts. Don't do it!
By all means strip and sell the fittings. But then with the hull:

    List it on ebay - for $5 - someone might take it away and save you
    the trouble of cutting it up! Or even keep it!
    It could be used in a playground for kids to climb over, turned
    upside down as a shed/playhouse, maybe a college could use it for
    structural testing analysis. It could be sunk in the ground as a
    pond, filled with soil and planted with flowers/vegetables (think
    jumbo window box - maybe at the side of the road outside your
    property). Or the front 8 ft could be cut off and stood up to form a
    sheltered seat - like this

If you get really desperate, maybe break it up with a machine 
(backhoe/bulldozer etc) rather than cutting might work

On 26/04/2013 14:42, wrote:
> Ok, I have a 23' sailboat that I need to get rid of.  Here are my
> options...
> 1-Sell it complete for maybe a $100-$200 (trailer included.)(Note, the
> boat needs work.)
> 2-Part it out and sell the components, then get rid of the hull.  (I'm
> estimating about $700-$1200 worth of parts)
> 3-Donate it complete
> I was opting for #2.  If I go that route, I have to cut up the boat.  It's
> a single skin (no insulation or foam) hull.  I have a 2yd dumpster that I
> could put pieces in each week.
> If I cut it, can I use a chainsaw without damaging the saw (I'm not that
> concerned about the blade, I'll just use an old one.)
> If I wet the boat as I'm cutting, will this damage the saw?
> I've tried in the past to use a recip saw, but it took forever.  What
> about a carbide tip cir-saw or dia grinder?
> Any advice?
> Eric P
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