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[Shop-talk] UPDATE- True "keyless" entry add on

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Subject: [Shop-talk] UPDATE- True "keyless" entry add on
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Here is an update on getting TRUE 'keyless entry' into a vehicle.

First, thanks a ton to Todd for finding this information. 

I eventually ordered the keypad (and CANBUS module) for my vehicle.  It 
was about $270 total.  Both parts were high quality and I was impressed. 
Since the module was more for remote starters, the wiring I needed to do 
wasn't represented in the 
directions.  I few emails to A1 and I had the info I needed (Note, their 
tech only works with email. Calling them only gets you a sales person. 
While this isn't ideal, they are friendly and willing to work with you.)

Routing wires through the vehicle was a pain (but not as big of a pain as 
the rear camera wiring when I had a two-way tail gate and VUX dual 
firewall!).  Of course drilling and mounting the keypad is nerve racking 
and on this truck, you can't mount it in the ideal location.

Once installed, it all worked perfectly (and looks pretty cool.)  I would 
recommend this to anyone that wants add one to their vehicle.

My only regret is that I didn't get the 'thought the windshield' keypad. 
It would have saved about 80% of the labor time and I would be able to 
easily transfer it to another vehicle.

If anyone does want to try it, I quickly made a rough wiring diagram by 
photoshoping the two instruction manuals together and I'll be more than 
happy to email it to anyone that wants it.  (However, your vehicle's 
CANBUS module may be different.)

Overall, I'm a happy camper and the truck is 98% completed (I'm just 
waiting on the custom cross rails for the roof rack from Vintage auto.)

Thanks again Todd and to everyone on this list!

Eric P
"Be as beneficent as the sun or the sea, but if your rights as a rational 
being are trenched on, die on the first inch of your territory." Ralph 
Waldo Emerson 

         Found this.  Saw the system listed for around $170.  I assume 
you'd have to cut an opening in the door for the keypad.
         Other thing that would concern me is that in most newer vehicles 
many systems communicate electronically via CANBUS and any add-on would 
have to not upset the computers.  On my TDI, for example, the door lock 
unit has several micro switches that report on the state of the lock and 
handle position and transmit that info to the car.  This info is used to 
activate/set off the alarm, turn on interior lights, etc.  I'd want to be 
darn sure that this sort of item will work in your specific vehicle before 

shelling out the dough.

Pricing from here:

         This is clever, the "keypad" is behind the windshield so no 
cutting.  Don't know what company makes the system they install or if it 
can be done by a DIY'er.


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