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Re: [Shop-talk] Alternative kitchen countertops?

To: Paul Parkanzky <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Alternative kitchen countertops?
From: Jim Franklin <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 18:40:48 -0500
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Yep, I spent the afternoon reading about and looking at them, lights inside,
transparency using fiber optics, all kinds of crazy interesting stuff.

Girlfriend mentioned laying fossils and motorcycle parts in there. I'm trying
to figure out how to lay spent sprockets in there without it causing a catch
on the surface :-)

I also like the idea of using broken engine bits as surface aggregate. A play
on engine salad...


On Jan 31, 2013, at 6:10 PM, Paul Parkanzky wrote:

> I should have given more details.  It's concrete that's mixed with a fairly
coarse aggregate, and then the voids are filled with the black epoxy you see.
You can make concrete just about any color you want, and you can get different
color/size aggregate to really spice it up.  A friend did concrete counters
with ribbons of copper in it.  I've also seen various colors of glass pebbles
or chips used.
> FWIW, the material cost of the counter in the picture was ~$100.  But my
brother pours a lot of stuff like this as a hobby and already had the
expensive equipment (vibrator, diamond wheels for the angle grinder, etc).
> I just wanted to put it out there because I saw people dismissing concrete
and I wanted people see that it could come out pretty nice.
> -Paul

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