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[Shop-talk] Heater conversion: propane to NG.

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Heater conversion: propane to NG.
From: "Mark Miller" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 22:01:18 -0800
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I have a Comfort Glow 26k btu wall mount radiant heater ( that has legs and
is now free standing)  that I use at Christmas to warm my deck during
The deck is screened and wrapped in poly and with the heater it will stay
around 65-70 inside at 35-40 outside... good enough for the smokers and the
folks that are tired of the crowd.

Every year I drag it to the deck with a couple tanks of propane  and every
year I drag it back in storage... 40 bucks lighter for the propane.  As I
set up this year I finally realized that I had an unlimited supply of nat
gas 10 feet away at the gas grill...  I'm about to become a convert !

Checking with the mfg, they say NO CONVERSION  on this heater.  Not one to
be dissuaded by technical knowledge, common sense and other hokum, I'm on a
quest to convert...

Anyone got any ideas ???  I haven't taken it apart yet... it has five blocks
that are lit as the control knob is turned up (low, med, high... 1 block,3
block, 5 block respectively)  I would think a orifice change (if it's
removable) and maybe a gas valve (if it has one).   Anybody see how this can
blow up in my face ???

I'm open to all conversations... I'm not the best gas guru, but I can make a
leak free joint !


I've gone the other way - converted my NG dryer to propane when I moved into
the boonies - but it is the same fix: take out the orifice and replace it
with another.  In my case: larger to smaller, in your case smaller to
larger.  I would not recommend screwing around with sizing it yourself but
finding orifices sized for what you want.  Look online: you should be able
to find a parts list for the heater that has two different orifices listed:
one each for NG and propane use. 

BTW: does the heater vent safely now that it is freestanding?  If you have
enclosed the deck with plastic wrap you want to make sure there is enough
airflow for exhaust to exhaust and for makeup air to come in for the burner.
Just sayin'.

Mark Miller

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