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Re: [Shop-talk] converting a propane heater to nat gas

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] converting a propane heater to nat gas
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Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 03:28:53 -0600
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Can it be done ... I assume so ...

As other have suggested "should it be done" is the real question.

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Subject: [Shop-talk] converting a propane heater to nat gas

I have a Comfort Glow 26k btu wall mount radiant heater ( that has legs and 
now free standing)  that I use at Christmas to warm my deck during 
The deck is screened and wrapped in poly and with the heater it will stay
around 65-70 inside at 35-40 outside... good enough for the smokers and the
folks that are tired of the crowd.

Every year I drag it to the deck with a couple tanks of propane  and every
year I drag it back in storage... 40 bucks lighter for the propane.  As I 
up this year I finally realized that I had an unlimited supply of nat gas 10
feet away at the gas grill...  I'm about to become a convert !

Checking with the mfg, they say NO CONVERSION  on this heater.  Not one to 
dissuaded by technical knowledge, common sense and other hokum, I'm on a 
to convert...

Anyone got any ideas ???  I haven't taken it apart yet... it has five blocks
that are lit as the control knob is turned up (low, med, high... 1 block,3
block, 5 block respectively)  I would think a orifice change (if it's
removable) and maybe a gas valve (if it has one).   Anybody see how this can
blow up in my face ???

I'm open to all conversations... I'm not the best gas guru, but I can make a
leak free joint !


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