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Re: [Shop-talk] Tile backer board on concrete floor

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Tile backer board on concrete floor
From: Jim Franklin <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 22:00:01 -0400
I wouldn't use nails; use screws made for the job. You'll need to pre-drill,
and use an impact drill to set them. I can't remember the name of them now.
They're blue, and come in a hex head and flush phillips (you want the

And if by thin-set you mean a mortar-based product you add water to, that's
the stuff. Don't use the vinyl pre-mixed stuff, it stays soft forever.

I'd use the cheapest product there was, likely the cementboard.


On Oct 28, 2011, at 8:11 PM, Karl Vacek wrote:

> We're going to install onyx tile in our entryway - not much over 100 square
> feet.  The floor is a concrete slab, but I have to build up the level by
> over 1-1/2" to match the adjacent hardwood.
> I planned to cross-lay a few layers of the gray-colored
> fiberglass-mesh-covered cement board that I always ignore when I go to buy
> drywall, but now that I'm looking for it I find that there's really a large
> selection of materials.  Some seem relatively soft like cardboard (which
> concerns me), some are hard but very thin, etc.  Given that I'm going over
> solid concrete floor and it's not a shower (part of the area is indeed the
> powder room, but no shower), are there any compelling reasons to use one
> material over another?
> I plan to shoot nails through to the concrete to hold the underlayment in
> place, if that matters.  Some of the boardI see is supposed to be installed
> on a bed of thin-set, but that's a problem because I'm leaving the very
> sound and well-adhered sheet vinyl floor in place as a vapor barrier.  I'm
> sure it contains asbestos and it's really glued all over, so I'm not
> inclined to try to chisel it up.
> Any advice will be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance!
> Karl
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