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Re: [Shop-talk] Portable work table requirements

To: Al Fuller <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Portable work table requirements
From: Ronnie Day <>
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 17:13:49 -0600
I've got an adjustable height roll around table that's about the size
you want but without drawers. The "post" that supports the table is
offset to one end so you can usually slide it under a car and have the
table surface overhang the engine compartment. I got on sale at
WalMart (I think) for around $60, but I'm pretty sure Harbor Freight,
Northern Tool or a number of other places have something similar. In
fact, I remember seeing a similar DIY design in Pop Hot Rodding or
Chevy High Performance a year or two ago. It would be easy to add a
power strip.


> Al
> SO - as I'm getting cranked up to do some serious car work out in the
> garage, it occurs to me that I might want a different portable work table.
> Any suggestions for requirements?
> I'm currently using an old TV table. B It has casters, two shelf and the
> - nothing special. B The size is around 18" x 24", and the height is
> 24" or so.
> I do have an old computer table that might get thrown out if it's not
> re-purposed. B It's got a bigger foot print, and has sliding drawers. B The
> slides aren't anything special, but I will/would go over to Home
> Depot/Lowes/Rocklers and get some drawer slides, which would make it
> sturdier, as well as having a stop, so the drawer doesn't come out in my
> hands.
> Current thinking:
> Size: B  Approx 18" x 30"
> Feet: B  Locking casters
> Power: B Outlet mounted on work table for power tools (dremel, etc)
> Power: B 25' extension cord to reach wall B (cord reel?)
> Drawers: B  B  B  B 2-3 sliding drawers. B ?More B ?Fewer ?anything special
> have on hand?
> Other ideas?
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