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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] go kart/briggs and stratton
From: Jim Franklin <>
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 17:16:48 -0500
On Dec 30, 2009, at 3:29 PM, Dan and Jenny Fest (Coles Nurseries Inc)  

> I bought a used go cart for my kids.

Right on! :-)

>  It's powered by a 5 hp briggs and
> Stratton engine.  It runs great except after it's warmed up it seems  
> to stall
> when you puch the throttle pedal.  It also seems to conincide with  
> hitting a
> bump or going up a hill.  I don't see a fuel filter on it but the  
> fuel tank is
> filled with a spongey/meshy material I guess to act as a fuel  
> filter.  It
> seems to me it's either a fuel question or a chock question.  Any  
> advice ??

You need to figure out what kind of carburetor is on it, because  
that's likely where the problem lies. It's likely a simple lawnmower  
style carb. It could be simply water in the float bowl, or things  
could be gummed up from sitting. Or the air filter could be clogged  
restricting high speed air flow. Unless you're familiar with small  
engine carbs, it's probably easiest to take it to a small engine  
repair shop. They will know quickly what it needs.

The spongy material is to prevent the gas from turning into a fireball  
should the tank come loose and bounce down the track.

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