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Re: [Shop-talk] Options for carport floor?

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Options for carport floor?
From: Jim Franklin <>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 11:22:47 -0500
Well, they seem convinced that putting a slab down in the spring is  
the way to go. So now that the moisture issue will be mostly taken  
care of, I need to come up with a way to insulate the ceiling. It's a  
shed roof that butts up against the house, framed with doubled up 2x8  
and the joist spacing varies by up to 2". There's a rubber roof on top  
where they have a deck, so the roof doesn't breathe, and there's no  
easy way to add any variant of ridge venting, though that's the way  
I'd go if this place landed in my lap. The black rubber roof will make  
an uninsulated garage nice and toasty in the northeast summer too....

The local lumberyard said even unfaced fiberglass would trap the  
condensed moisture and rot out the roof.

I think rigid foam against the decking would also trap moisture  
migrating through the joists and into the decking.

There isn't enough room to put in a false ceiling.

It'd probably be cheaper for us to tear down & rebuild the garage than  
to have spray foam installed.

Am I missing any options?


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>> Soil cement looks like a neat idea, but too labor and time intensive
>> for this rental place. For all the work, I'd chip in a few more bucks
>> to just get a real slab. I'll likely leave the car on the earth and
>> build a raised perimeter platform from wood for the shelves,  
>> toolboxes
>> and bikes.
>> thanks,
>> jim
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