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[Shop-talk] Wood filler for stripped out screw hole

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Wood filler for stripped out screw hole
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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 17:39:54 -0400
I purchased a neat little tapered bore at Lee Valley Tools here in Canada
called the Plugger.  They also sell to the US through the internet.  It is
similar to a countersink, but with the same taper as that created with a
pencil sharpener.  I found an old multi-diameter pencil sharpener at a yard
sale & keep a couple different diameters of wood dowels for this purpose.

They also suggest using it for making wood grafts on trees.

The link is:,180,42240,53317

Doug Armstrong

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Wood filler for stripped out screw hole

Last year I removed, clean, and re-sealed a skylight in my RV that had a
minor leak. There was some wood damage but it appeared confined to just one
of the 25 holes used to fasten the skylight. At the time I just put a larger
screw in that hole and it seemed to hold. This year I find that this screw
has popped loose and that corner of the skylight is not held down flat to
the roof as a result. In retrospect I probably should have used a plug or
wood filler product along with the bigger screw.


So now I need to fix it and I don't want to take the whole skylight off
again as I sealed it with eternabond tape after the reinstall, and the other
24 screws seem to be holding just fine. This means I need to fix the hole
with the plastic skylight in place, which is not an issue except it adds
some additional challenges in having to go through the skylight screw hole
to get to the wood hole. There is sealing tape remnants that have proven
difficult to get out of the top of the hole. This tape hinders clear access
to the full diameter of the wood hole. What I'm getting at is it will be a
bit difficult to "dribble" or "pour" a filler product into the hole cleanly
from the top side, so a liquid filler product that had a small tube
applicator to stick into the hole would be good. 


I have cleaned the hole out such that it is "clear" inside and I suppose
some sort of wood plug could be driven down into the hole along with liquid
wood filler. I'd have to measure and cut to length the plug as I have no way
of cutting it flush with the roof surface after it is installed.


The hole diameter is roughly the size of a number 8-10 screw and about 1.5"
deep. What is the best way to strengthen that hole before sinking another
screw into it? Are there products that can be obtained from the HD or Lowes
for this purpose?


I did check into gorilla glue but was told it is not to be used as a filler.



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