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Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 19:09:55 -0400
At 06:20 PM 4/16/2009, Doug Braun wrote:

 >I just got delivered a nice cute 8x12 garden shed, which will hold 
all the yard
 >and garden stuff that is currently cluttering up my garage and reducing the
 >space available for shop tools, etc.

 >The shed has a plain unfinished plywood floor.  Can anyone suggest an
 >inexpensive flooring material that would help it better resist 
moisture, damage,
 >etc?  Do they still sell inexpensive linoleum in wide rolls?


I just went through that last year.  I had an erector set metal shed 
that I'd put up
over 10 yrs ago.  I put it up on cinderblock piers and then used the 
flimsy floor
kit and laid 3/4" plywood over it.   So it was off the ground by a 
good 6 inches.

It lasted at least 10 yrs.  But about 1 1/2 yrs ago I went into the 
shed to get
something out, and the plywood had rotted and gave way.  So it was time to
replace the shed.  I wanted to put up the new shed in Oct - Dec. of 07 but when
I went looking for a shed no one was selling them any more.  Had to wait till
Spring.  I finally found what I want'ed, a 10'w x 8' deep vinyl shed 
and the 4'
extension.  I ordered it in March, but it wasn't delivered until the 
end of June

The area were I wanted to put the shed is a low part in my yard and prone to
minor flooding in heavy rains.  So I needed to get the shed up in the air some.
I bought some garden timbers and laid them around the parimeter of where the
shed was going, 2 timbers tall.  Then I filled that to about 3" from 
the top of
I got some crush-n-run and filled in the rectangle sand box up past 
the 1st timber.   I laid a heavy plastic vapor barrier, and then laid 
solid cinder blocks
down as the main floor, and mounted the shed to the cinder blocks.

I don't have to worry about any critters getting under the new shed, or falling
through the floor any more!

I've got some pictures I can email if anyone is interested.


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