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Re: [Shop-talk] math wizards ??? come here

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] math wizards ??? come here
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Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2009 13:35:08 -0400
You need a few more pieces of information in order to do the trig.  You'll 
1, the angle of the boom,
2, the distance from the hinge of the boom to the lift cylinder, and
3, the distance from the hinge of the boom to the hook.

Then it's just straight trig.  tangent of the angle equals opposite over 

Not sure if it's significant for your application, but your hook will be 
moving horizontally towards the hinge of the boom as the boom goes up.  The 
more vertical the boom is, the more dramatic the horizontal motion of the 

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Subject: [Shop-talk] math wizards ??? come here

> I've got a math problem (actually trig) that I need help with.  Picture an
> engine hoist with the boom horizontal.  the pivot point at one end... the
> jacking point 1' in from that and the hook at the other end eight feet 
> away.
> I need to calculate the amount of lift at the hook end if you raise the 
> jack
> point 1".  I know how to figure it from the pivot point using that jack 
> point
> 1" away is hanging me up.  If I know the lift with one inch of rise at the
> jack point the multiplication tables will do the rest, right ????
> here's a picture of what I'm doing
> thanks
> John
> I think I've figured it out.....
> my sole purpose in life is to serve as
> a bad example  :(
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