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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] running ethernet wires
From: PJ McGarvey <>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 12:40:49 -0400
I just bought pair of rj-45 jacks and wall plates from HD for about $4 for
jacks and maybe $2 for the wall plates.  You need to strip back and "punch
down" the individual wires, which I have not done in many years, and the jack
comes with a cheap plastic tool to do this - so no idea how well that will
work.  Was going to do it one night this week...

I tried Radio Shack for a simpler method where you can just connect the rj-45
connector the back of the wall plate that gets hidden in the box, and then the
normal outward facing jack - they didn't seem to carry them.

Some basic rules for running Ethernet Cat5 wire, are to keep it away from
sources of electrical noise, no kinks, don't stretch it when you pull it, and
a max run of 100 meters I think between switches/hubs, etc.   There are
probably other more specific rules.  Not sure what the price differences are
for Cat6, or whether it's worthwhile upgrading to that.

I have to wonder though how much demand for wiring homes with Cat5 has dropped
off since wireless has gotten more ubiquitous and cheap.  There are still
places for it.

> Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 12:18:50 -0400
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> Subject: [Shop-talk] running ethernet wires
> Howdy,
> I need a higher speed network connection from my office (where my 'server'
> pc lives) to the living room (where my PS3 lives) to stream video, etc.
> Is there anything magical or to watch out for in terms of running
> ethernet wires, or is it a trip to Lowes/HD to buy some ethernet cable,
> some connectors / baseboard plates, and a cheapo crimper?
> Even if I get energetic and run wires to other rooms, I'm probably going
> to be running < 10 wires.
> I know I need switches etc. to connect to the network. I'm fine with that
> stuff. Its the "how do I connect an RJ-whatever connector to the ethernet
> cable and what spec ethernet cable do I want" part I could use some advice
> on, if its not going to be obvious at Lowes/HD.
> Thanks!
> Mark
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