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Re: [Shop-talk] Stud finder work with metal siding?

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Stud finder work with metal siding?
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 09:54:58 -0500
At 03:09 AM 2/22/2009, Wayne wrote:

 >I have a situation where I need to mount a fairly stout bracket to 
the exterior of
 >the building and I need to find one of those studs to do so....

 >Further, the approximate area of where I need to mount this bracket includes
 >an area of the wall that has a bunch of electrical wiring running through it
 >(romex through holes in the studs).

 >I was wondering if the stud finders would work through the metal skin to
 >find the studs? Do some of the stud finders also detect electrical wires?


I have an old Craftsman one, probably 15 yrs old at least.  It doesn't.

Your best bet would be a fox & hound wire tracer like:

I've seen some no name brand ones at one of the large box hardware stores.
I just looked on home depot and didn't see it thought.  This Triplet 
is a little
expensive @ about $100 where the no name ones are about $60ish.

If you know anyone that does telephone work, or network cable installations,
they usually have one.  Maybe you could borrow one.  You'll probably have to
trip the mains or at least the circuit you want to trace.  We had a problem at
my dad's house, one of the circuit breakers would trip instantly after being
set.  I got a buddy on mine, that used to do telephone work, who had one.
We pulled the panel, tripped the main, and then removed the breaker for the
circuit that was bad.  We connected the fox and hound and traced the wiring
through the house.  Turns out that the fellow that installed dad's new dish
washer, took one leg of a 220 V wire and connected it to ground.

Also had to use it on another friends house the the phone got all screwed
up.  They had had 2 or 3 different phone companies.  Each one ran their
own phone lines, not using the existing ones.

Anyway, there are pretty handy if you're doing electrical (either house hold,
or auto) or phone work.

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