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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] drill chuck keys
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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 17:52:07 -0800
> how do you fid the size of drill chuck keys ???  I've seen 
> reference to pilot hole size and seen keys that are #1 or 
> #4...but what does that mean... 

For Jacobs chucks, Jacobs defines a series of chucks keys, K1, K2 ... but I
don't know their measurements.

> do all drill chucks with a 1/4" pilot hole have the same 
> number of teeth ?? 

Nope.  And the size and angle of the teeth can vary as well.

> or does it differ by manufacturer...

Yes, but the chuck is almost certainly not made by the same people that made
the rest of the tool.  Probably the majority of chucks are made by Jacobs,
but there are others around (or at least were).

> I've got a drill press at work that is missing a key... the 
> numbers/words on the chuck have been obliterated and I'd like 
> to find a key to fit it...

Easiest IMO would be to dismount the chuck and take it to a supplier that
will let you try keys in it.

BTW, I believe the "as much government as we pay for" quote is generally
attributed to Will Rogers.  It certainly seems much more his style than the
inventor of the points ignition system (and founder of Delco).

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