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Re: [Shop-talk] Water softeners - wrong link the first time!

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Water softeners - wrong link the first time!
From: "Brad Kahler" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 15:06:21 GMT
Pat, I'm leary of the process as well and snake oil may be an apt
description.B  Thats why I posted to the shop-talk list, hoping someone might
have tried it and could give an honest review of the process and how well it
works or doesn't work.
At our house the water is hard enough that the soaps aren't breaking down
properly and we get a greasy gooy mess in the drain pipes, spots on the
stainless sink, etc.B 
One way or another I'm going to have to condition the water.B 
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To: "Brad Kahler" <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Water softeners - wrong link the first time!Before I
tried an alternate to the salt-based softeners I would do a lot
of research.
There are many "new" methods of softening water on the market that seem
like snake oil, some (most?) soften water without making any detectable
changes to the water content, and only have glowing reports of their
effectiveness by labs where the manufacturer paid for the testing.
I'm not saying that it IS snake oil, but that it MAY BE snake oil. More
research is definitely called for before purchasing.
Thusly spake Brad Kahler, On 2/11/2009 8:01 PM:
> Since moving into our new home in Richmond Ky we've come to realize
> the water is very hard.  I'm just starting to look into water
> softeners.  When I lived in Nebraska I had one and always found it a
> pain to have to deal with the salt.
> So, is anyone familiar with the "no salt" water conditioners that are
> on the market?  I like the concept but would prefer to hear good
> and/or bad stories relating to their use, effectiveness and cost.
> Here is one such system:
> Thanks!
> Brad
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