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Re: [Shop-talk] What to do with oily rags?

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] What to do with oily rags?
From: Steven Trovato <>
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2009 15:06:37 -0500
I just use hot water, regular laundry detergent and a bit of 
Lestoil.  If they are stained, I don't care.  They still work just 
fine as rags.  And if there are any that I'm not happy with, I just 
throw them out.  They're just rags, after all.  For some things I use 
paper towels.  They get thrown out without any special environmental 
handling.  If your local hazardous waste program takes your rags, it 
would be interesting to know what they do with them.  BTW, I find 
that those red rags must have the least colorfast dye on the 
planet.  Put one white rag in there and it will come out almost as 
red as the red ones.

At 02:22 PM 2/4/2009, Randall wrote:
>Haven't found just the right formula for washing oily rags yet, but small
>quantities of rags in lots of hot water seems to be essential.  Best recipe
>I've found so far is to let the machine fill and start agitating, then add
>Palmolive dish soap until you get an inch or so of bubbles.
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