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Re: [Shop-talk] Epoxy recommendations?

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Epoxy recommendations?
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 15:04:44 -0500
At 10:50 AM 1/25/2009, Jim Franklin wrote:

 >My dishwasher has a 1/8" shaft on its main motor that drives 
the  impeller. The
 >impeller is on a plastic shaft that slides over the  motor's shaft. 
There are, well,
 >used to be splines to keep these two  parts rotating at the same speed, but
 >after 8 years of Extreme Dishwashing the plastic splines have worn out and
 >squeals like a stuck  pig (no pig in the DW, I checked).


While this isn't an answer to your question, your dishwasher is 8 yrs old and
broke.  Fom my experience, they aren't worth the trouble to try and fix.  The
dishwash that was in the house when we bought had a seal go, and water got
into the motor.  So I was going to replace just the motor.  But I ran into
problems that the impeller was not designed to be removed from the shaft.
After I got it out, and spent quite a bit of time trying to get the 
impeller off the
shaft, I ended up breaking the impeller.  When I went to get the new motor the
motor was something like $125 and came with all the parts.  Just drop 
it in, so
to speak.  That lasted another 6 to 8 yrs, with some other minor repairs.  When
it failed the 2nd time, I went looking for a new dishwasher.  I got a 
new one for
around $200 to $250.  Now granted that was about about 10 yrs ago.  (I guess I
better be thinking about being ready to get a one.)

Looking at Best Buy, they have some for $300 to $500.  Unless you really have
some extreamely expensive unit, I'd say don't worry about it, just go buy a new

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