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[Shop-talk] concrete not hardening

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Subject: [Shop-talk] concrete not hardening
From: "old dirtbeard" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 15:35:38 -0800
Hey shop talkers,

Well I set a footing yesterday (8" quick-rite tube with a Simpson 4x4 post
bracket) using no-mix, quick-set concrete and today it still has not hardened.
I did it in the evening and the temperatures dropped into the 40's and I know
that cement should cure at 50 degrees or higher (I am in SoCal and was not
even thinking about a cold snap). I am wondering:
    - could the low temperatures caused the problem?
    - will it eventually harden?
    - will the strength be significantly diminished as a result of the low

Another consideration is that the concrete mix was over five years old and I
thought that may be an issue (looked good when I poured it in the tube,
though). Not a big deal, but I am hoping not to need to dig it out again....


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