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[Shop-talk] painting steps with POR-15

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Subject: [Shop-talk] painting steps with POR-15
From: Rich White <>
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 21:38:05 -0500
I need some advice from this knowledgeable group... We have a set of metal
steps that need work.  These are heavy site build steps not the type you see
on trailers.  The tread surface is diamond plate and was replaced last year.
Nothing was done to protect them after the repair.  I was thinking of blasting
them and then painting them with POR-15 this summer.  Is this a good idea?
Will the surface be too slick?I do not own any blasting or compressor
equipment.  What will I need to do the job?Is it something I might be able to
rent?Rich White St. Joseph, IL USA'63 TR3B TCF587LThat ain't a scrap pile,
that is my car!See it moves!
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