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[Shop-talk] Rebuild a hand drill?

Subject: [Shop-talk] Rebuild a hand drill?
From: Mark Sansouci <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 21:21:39 -0500

When I was a sprout, one of the true highlights of my life was spending 
time with my grandfather.  He would always spend time with me and always 
seemed to take me seriously.  For a special treat we would go to his 
workshop and I would be allowed to drill holes in scrap wood.  Quite an 
exciting treat for a very young child.  Sometimes we used a bit and 
brace, sometimes a 1/4" electric drill.  Both had their appeal...Bigger 
holes with the bit and brace, but the hand drill was quite a grown up 

Anyway, he is gone, I still have a love of tools and shops - and the 
drill.  Its a Craftsman "300" 1/4 drill.  Which I would guess was made 
in the late 50s early 60s?  All steel (or aluminum).  Anyway, it still 
works - sort of - but with lots of sparks and the smell of ozone from 
the ventilation slots in the back.  I expect the brushes are worn to 

It would please me to have that drill rebuilt, but I expect its getting 
difficult to find such a service today.  I am not aware of anyone in the 
Rochester NY area.   Can anyone recommend someone you would trust with a 

Thanks in Advance


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