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Re: How likely am i to be able to pull electrical wire?

Subject: Re: How likely am i to be able to pull electrical wire?
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 09:37:35 -0400 (EDT)
> I've got a piece of romex cable in a wall that's failed.  (open hot.).
>  It's about six or eight feet worth, in an exterior wall.  It runs
> about six or eight feet from one duplex outlet to another, with one 90
> degree corner It's conceivable that the wire does something nuts, like
> go up to the header and then across, I think it runs straight
> horizontally.  How likely am I to be able to be able to pull a
> replacement, without performing surgery on the drywall?

Pretty unlikely. I've had walls to the bare framing and it was all I could
do to get the cable through the 3 2x4s that usually make up a corner. You
will expend far less energy cutting out the drywall and replacing it.

Besides, wire doesn't fail by itself, it'd help you sleep easier if you
figure out why it broke. Have you tested the wire itself, and not just the
outlet? Old outlets that use the spring-loaded wire holders instead of the
screws on the side lose their spring and the wires loosen up. If you're
lucky all it does is make the lights flicker.


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