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Re: Body Work on Work-Hardened Sheet Metal?

To: Doug Braun <>,
Subject: Re: Body Work on Work-Hardened Sheet Metal?
From: Steve Shipley <>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 12:46:04 -0700
At 08:21 PM 8/26/2006 -0700, Doug Braun wrote:

>I am trying to fix up some body sheet metal that got
>pretty banged up a long time ago, after which somebody
>bashed it into more or less the right shape and put
>tons of lead over it. I've removed the lead and
>started trying to smooth the metal with hammer and
>dolly and a stud welder, but it has gotten so many
>creases and dents that it's gotten hardened like
>spring steel, and seems to simple refuse to change
>shape. (This is a fairly high-crown area in the roof,
>right above the doors, and there are braces and stuff
>behind it that make it hard to get access from
>Is there any way that I can anneal the metal or
>otherwise make it easier to work? What would happen if
>I just heated the whole area red-hot with a torch and
>let it cool slowly?

That's the way I'd do it, but I don't consider myself an authority.
What I like to do is anneal and try to get most of the movement as
the metal work hardens.  Then I try to get the final amount of movement
as the metal starts to resist.

These guys actually know what they're doing....four of 'em actually
Lots to read here

Steve Shipley

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