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electrical hookup for trailer

Subject: electrical hookup for trailer
From: Mark Andy <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 14:41:05 -0400 (EDT)

I'm thinking about putting in an electrical hookup for my current enclosed 
car trailer (and potentially a future RV).  While I'm running wire, I 
figure I should run an ethernet line and cable line as well.  Total 
distance from the garage (closest part of the house) is probably 50 to 100 

A few questions...

First, what're the requirement for running power lines, ethernet, and 
cable underground?  Required to be in a conduit?  How deep?  Can they all 
be in one conduit without violating code or causing interference?

Second, what requirements are there for the power pole?  Just a 4x4 stick 
of pressure treated ok?

I think I'd like a 50A 220vac outlet out there, but also need a 30A 110vac 
and perhaps a regular 20A 110vac outlet.  Can I just run both 110vac 
phases, neutral, and safety ground from a 50A breaker in the box to the 
pole and split everything off there, using one phase for the 30A outlet 
and the other for the 20A outlet?  Does a small outdoor subpanel exist for 
this kinda thing?  Will running a 30A 110vac outlet off one side of a 50A 
220vac feed cause any problems?

I've done a good bit of house wiring, but haven't needed to run electric 
outside before.  Appreciate the help!

Oh!  And another trailer electric question... Anyone know where I can buy 
a 30A 110vac socket so that I can make a 15A 110vac plug to 30A 110vac 
outlet adapter?  The all in one deal that Lowes (and others) sell doesn't 
fit into the recessed outlet on my crap generator...



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