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To: "Matt" <>,
Subject: Re: back on the list
From: Mike Rambour <>
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 14:16:31 -0700
>I am also looking at a low end 4 post lift.  They seem pretty
>affordable at just under $2K with wheels for easy mobility.  Any
>reports good or bad out there?

  Here is one to stay away from :)

  Actually I think it is a great lift but the company left a LOT to 
be desired and I was very concerned about future parts availability 
and of course support from the company.  I have not needed any parts 
in 5 years or any support and the lift has performed 
flawlessly.  Maybe the company has changed too since there was no way 
they could have stayed in business this long with the attitudes they 
had when I purchased from them.


Mike Rambour
Bug Writer err...Programmer
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