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Re: Auto Scanners

Subject: Re: Auto Scanners
From: Battmain <>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 19:28:02 -0400
I bought an Autotap cable when I bought my 01 GMC. It works and has
enough parameters on the truck to make your head spin. Interesting to
see the tranny temp go up as your speed increases, but no indication
on the dash temp guage. It will also clear codes.  Version 3 hardware
is out now with a new version of software. I have version 1 hardware
and it does generic on the Dodge (can bus,) generic on the Miata. It
clears codes on the Miata, will test the code clearing on the dodge
over the weekend if it doesn't rain too much. Tried it on a Honda
Civic at the track and it only gave generic also. Could not clear the
code. Doesn't work on the Audi. Don't know if the V3 hardware/software
would work on these vehicles.

The software has some quirks that I find annoying, but once you get
used to it, it isn't bad. An example is when you switch between
different cars. The 2.03 software takes literally 15-20 mins to get
through testing all the parameters. Even when you save your config
file by vin, occasionally for some reason, the software still wants to
re-scan and you simply have to wait until it's done before you can do
anything. I've tried all sorts of combinations of startup. It does the
same thing. Sometimes I resort to the original 1.1 software on an
older computer when I don't want to wait.

Another similar tool to the Autotap is
Getting good reviews on quite a few forums I'm on. Probably the best
thing to do is scan the forums for the model car you're looking at and
see what people have to say about the scan tools.


On 7/28/06, Timothy R. Hoerning <> wrote:
> What's a good scan tool for automobiles?   The current pressing need is for
> an OBD II car ('01 Subaru Outback), but I also have a '91 Nissan 240SX and
> a '91 Vette (computer at least, the engine is in an El Camino)
> I'd like to get something that can read codes and reset the Check Engine
> Light for OBD II at a minimum.  After that, I'd like something that could
> do the other cars, and finally it would be nice if it could also connect to
> a PC (I'd even be interested in stuff that only works with a PC - i.e. no
> internal screen)

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