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Re: Parking Lifts: Starting to get serious

To: Bill Rabel <>
Subject: Re: Parking Lifts: Starting to get serious
From: Jim Juhas <>
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 22:36:42 -0500
It's interesting what you all have been writing about Cytech and Eagle.  A
number of years ago, when I bought my Eagle lift, I learned when I had to get
pieces replaced for the accessory lifting arms/casters for moving it around that
it was made by Cytech in Kansas.  And of course that's where it was shipped
from.  But the Eagle customer service location I dealt with was in
Massachusetts.  (I'm in Connecticut).  How times change.

My lift is well made and has given many years of reliable service.  It's been
more than 10 years now.

Bill Rabel wrote:

> The saga continues.
> Cytech is still in business. When I tried to call Cytech's 800 number
> a second time, the call went through and I left a message. Bill
> Lewis, the owner, called me back today. He is still building his own
> lifts in Kansas. The price no longer includes shipping, and the unit
> costs about $3,500. He also no longer takes credit cards (giving the
> buyer no recourse for non-delivery, unfortunately). His explanation
> for the website being down was that it is being "redesigned",
> although the notation is "suspended" when you try to go there. As
> much as I like his product, I would suggest caution.
> <>

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